A rare, late-17th century, walnut, high wing, armchair



The rectangular back has a gentle, recline. It is supported by high wings on either side, which extend into straight arms. The seat has a loose cushion. The back, wings, arms and seat are unusually, upholstered in a fine, longstitch embroidery with some restoration and reworking. This is hard to date precisely and is most likely 18th century. The sides are upholstered in green felt. The walnut frame is particularly fine, with barley-twist turnings on the front and side stretchers. The back legs are straight. The longstitch embroidery has survived in good condition, probably as it is very strong, and, as expected, there are a few repairs and losses. The colours have survived in good condition with little fading. The walnut base has an exceptionally, lustrous patina. The chair dates from the last quarter of the 17th century. 11121621

The, slight recline on the back and high wings make this fabulous armchair incredibly comfortable. The high back and wings are typical of armchairs dating from the fourth quarter of the 17th century, which were not made in large numbers in this country. They are found in the great collections such as those at Knole and Ham House, and it is very rare to find one on the open market, particularly with the reclining back. The barley-twist turnings also represented the height of fashion at the end of the 17th century, and give the armchair elegance. They are made from walnut reflecting the importance of the armchair and have developed a deep lustrous patina. A particularly, unusual and attractive feature of this armchair is the longstitch embroidery which has survived in good condition, with a few losses, repairs and patches. It is hard to precisely date this work which is unusual, and more practical and decorative than tapestry or crewelwork as upholstery

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Height 125 cm / 49 "
Width 72 cm / 28 12"

17th Century




Continential, probably French